On the Road

My professional career gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world.   I paint the most beautiful things I see in these travels. I have painted extensively in England, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, China, and Africa and have plans for other countries. I also take trips with other artists on a regular basis for the sole purpose of painting and sharing art with others. Below I have recorded thoughts about these journeys and share the beauty I captured during the journey.

Travels in the United States

Painting in the high desert - Alabama Hills - 2017

Painting a Superbloom/The Trouble with Bucketlists - Death Valley 2016

Painting “en plein air” at the Death Valley 49ers 2013 Encampment

Sharing Death Valley with Artist Friends

Painting the Big Island: Hawaii

Painting in Foreign Lands

Painting in Europe 2016

Painting in Europe 2015

Painting with Tim Clark in France

The Muses of Floure - Part 1

Bee Swarms and Bridges - Carcassone and Lagrasse - Part 2

Picnics, Picasso, and Patanque - Collioure - Part 3

From the Medieval to the Modern-Uzes, Paris and more Picasso Picasso, and Patanque - Collioure - Part 4

The WWT Goes to Scotland

Painting with Tim Clark

Journey to Constable County

From Venice to Vienna, 2011

Painting Uluru

Perils of a Plein Air Painter - Italian Riviera

Painting in the Magical Flitwick Moor